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Representative Director Fumimasa Ozaki was born in 1991 in Otaru, Hokkaido and raised in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. After graduating from Waseda University in 2014, I started my own business in graphic design. One fateful day, I happened upon my grandmother’s kimono fabric at my parents’ house and was impressed by its beauty. It was then that I realized I wanted to create something new using this very kimono fabric, a traditional Japanese attire with centuries of history. By fate I also met a necktie maker who has been mastering his craft for longer than I’d been alive. This couldn’t have all happened by chance, I thought.. After witnessing his skill in turning the difficult kimono fabric into neckties on the spot, I was impressed by his dignified manner and his spirited work ethic. We decided to establish Denka Co. The Japanese people have always valued and cherished the spirit of harmony. We also regard the spirit of softness and grace as equally, if not more, important. We want to pass on the traditional techniques and convey the beauty of ancient Japan to the modern era. Above all, we want to bring out the charm and the biggest smiles of our customers. I devote myself every day to creating products that uphold my ideals of beauty and harmony: luxurious neckties made of the finest quality so that lovers and professionals can express their true affection in a special, elegant way. I hope you fall in love with the quality and uniqueness of these pieces just as I have.

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