About us

1 company motto

“Continue to make products that show true goodness in order to increase the number of people who can work well”

2 company lessons

“As a tool that tightens the mind, we are researching true, well-made, and beautiful products.”

3 background

Since ancient times, Japan has had a civilization and culture that lives with nature. And with the development of technology (development of civilization), it has become a convenient world. The price is that the chances of feeling nature, such as the changing seasons, have decreased. As a result, the opportunities to utilize the five senses of human beings have decreased, and the opportunities to pay attention to spiritual affluence (cultural development) have decreased. The cooler is working, but I’m not sloppy. But it’s Cool Biz. I think that the world where such things are true is really insane.

A tool called a tie that is likely to be forgotten in “Cool Biz” in a world that seeks efficiency with the development of civilization.

However, isn’t the tie really cultural? It symbolizes the heart that Japan cannot forget.

It is important for men to keep their feelings tight, so don’t forget to leave them for posterity.


4 Product image

I think that the tool called a tie has become a cultural tool that is dignified and conquers one’s relaxation as a common understanding of men.

A woman chooses a man’s tie. I would like to make a tool for women to support the straight posture of men.

5 How to achieve the company motto and company motto

It is necessary for the president himself to understand, acquire, and reflect it in the product through practice, so I will try to improve the virtue of the president himself every day.



Company name: Denya Co., Ltd.
Capital: ¥ 1,000,000.
Established: July 4, 2016
Representative Director / CEO Fumimasa Ozaki

Trading company Matsuya Co., Ltd.

Alliance through store sales

Mr. Bells Co., Ltd.

Alliance with in-house sales business of major companies such as IBM

(In no particular order)

Mizuho Bank
Tokyo Headquarters: 5-10-9-203 Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 090-2548-7384

Letter of recommendation for our business

We received a letter of recommendation from Mr. Heishiro Hibiya, Chairman of the General Incorporated Association Seikei Tamaki and former Chairman of Toyoko Inn.

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