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1 Our Company Motto

To empower him with the drive to work hard and look good while doing it: Altair brings you true beauty through genuine craftsmanship.

2 Company Policy

Here at Altair, we will never cease to pursue, research and understand the nature of true beauty and how we can share it with everyone throughout the world.

3 Background

Since ancient times, Japan has ever been shrouded in mystery and the sanctity of harmony with nature. As technology has rapidly developed, so has our way of life. Everything has becoming overly convenient, available, and cheap. In return, we have less and less opportunities to experience nature and really indulge in what it is to be human and unique. It’s cool to be comfortable, but it doesn’t mean you look good. Why not have both?

The heat of summer is no friend to the modern necktie: until now. Combine the comfort of summer clothes with the chic designs of our kimono silk ties.

The tie really is a symbol of culture. Now, it is also a symbol of harmony and beauty.

Memories are important, especially for passing on our thoughts and emotions to the future generations.


4 Product Image

The tie has become a common cultural symbol that men use to not only dignify themselves, but to set them apart from the sea of otherwise grey, dreary business drones.

Giving a man a tie is simple- but making it a special, intimate occasion takes time and serious thought. Here at Altair we are here to help you in that endeavor, from the moment it catches your eye to the moment you help him tie it.

5 How We’re Achieving It

It is necessary for the company president himself to understand, acquire, and reflect on our product’s craftmanship and quality everyday. Likewise, he must also strive to improve his own virtue on a daily basis.



Company Name: Denka Co., Ltd.
Capital: ¥ 1,000,000.
Established: July 4, 2016
Representative Director / CEO Fumimasa Ozaki

Trading company Matsuya Co., Ltd.

Alliance through store sales

Mr. Bells Co., Ltd.

Alliance with in-house sales business of major companies such as IBM

(In no particular order)

Mizuho Bank
Tokyo Headquarters: 5-10-9-203 Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 090-2548-7384

Letter of recommendation for our business

We received a letter of recommendation from Mr. Heishiro Hibiya, Chairman of the General Incorporated Association of Political and Economic Circle and former Chairman of Toyoko Inn, regarding the launch of our company.

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