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Company Policy #1

Provide genuine products that purify human sensibility.

Company Policy #2

Beautiful hearts, beautiful products

3 Background

In our current age, everything is massively overproduced. Our closets, cars, and even pockets seem to be overflowing with just ‘stuff’. It’s comforting to actually have something that is unique, significant, and rare. We remember that feeling from the bottom of our hearts. There are only so many of those rare things left in our world now- and they are beautiful.

If you want to feel genuine, you must also cultivate a mind that is genuine – with genuine ideas, genuine emotions, and genuine things. At our company, we always hold these ideals at the front of our minds: what is it to be real? And what is real beauty? We believe that instilling these beliefs into our work will let us create beautiful products that will let our customers experience true beauty as well.

Our handcrafted neckties contribute to society in a very special and unique way: they allow another faucet of beauty and affection, real to the touch, for that special someone who you hold so close to your heart.

4 Product Image

The tie has become a common cultural symbol that men use to not only dignify themselves, but to set them apart from the sea of otherwise grey, dreary business drones.

Giving a man a tie is simple- but making it a special, intimate occcasion takes time and serious thought. Here at Altair we are here to help you in that endeavor, from the moment it catches your eye to the moment you help him tie it.

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