El Sol “Opus 1” (one piece)

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Altile Collection of Denjiashi ~ El Sol


The Sun (Sol: Latin, Sol: Spanish, Sun: English) is the only star in the solar system.

In ancient times, it was thought that this world was made of five elements. It is the earth, the qi, the fire, the water, and the sky. These words, originating in Greece and Latin, appear in English, Spanish, French, and so on.


To an important anniversary and celebration.


To the person of such a gentleman’s star who can shine energetically surroundings.



The color is gold and red like the midsummer sun.

The kimono cloth that silk shines beautifully, and a minimal design full of elegance.

※ 13 limited.

Made in Japan
With a word message card
Silk 100%
Gift box (chest box)
Hand production

To an important anniversary and celebration.*