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Altair Collection of Den-ka – Sirius


Sirius is the brightest star in the constellation. It is said that it is the sun hidden behind the sun. It is also known as the Dog Star because it is located in the canopy, and in ancient Egypt, it was very important for ancient Polynesians as a star to inform the flooding season of the Nile, as well as as a landmark and compass alternative to them that would determine the route between islands and atolls.

Sirius is derived from “Seirios”, which means “scorching” and “shining” in Greek, but its name may have originated from other places before ancient times and is said to be related to the ancient Egyptian god Osiris.


A silver tie that evokes the strong light, integrity, and calmness of Sirius. Irregular stripes are unique.

The kimono cloth that silk shines beautifully, and a minimal design full of elegance. ※ 13 limited.

Made in Japan
With a word message card
Silk 100%
Gift box (chest box)
Hand production

The real thing is beautiful and one in the universe. Never show off its strength.

Altair is a gift tie that even women can choose as a man’s gift without concern.

You who thought this beautiful might be a person who has a very good sense.