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Denka’s Altair collection ~ Spica

You glitter with all the light of the stars; I want to gaze at you forever.

Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, a shining pale dot far away in the cool spring night. The name Spica comes from the Greek word for “ear” of grain, and is also called the “ear star. It is also known as the “Pearl Star. The original meaning is “pointed”, the same root as the English word “spike”. In Japanese, the spiky ear tip is called “芒”(Susuki), and in China, it is called the “horn of the blue dragon”.

The glossy dark indigo color is inspired by the image of a blue dragon. It poses a beautiful yet imposing figure: a power that is both elegant and respected. The silk shines beautifully in this kimono fabric, with a graceful, minimalist design. *Limited to 13 pieces. Please note that it may be sold out.

Made in Japan
Includes a message card.
100% Silk
Comes with a gift box (chest box)

A sophisticated gift that resonates with the beauty inside you.

At Altair we research beautiful designs and ways to embue them into our works of art. Beauty is something we can all obtain.

For birthdays or Father’s Day