The true story of a man who was given a tie

episode1 初めてアルタイルのネクタイをもらった男性に起きた喜び

We will post this post in February 2020, we have received a report of thanks from the customer who purchased our tie, and we have received permission. This is a heartwarming episode of a woman (MAYU) who gave her an Altile tie and a man (KENTA) who was presented with a true story.

KENTA and MAYU are married for 10 years. MAYU is a gentle wife who is a good cook in the person who is active as a color therapist. Kenta, on the other hand, has been engaged in the legal profession for a long time, and is a gentle, gentlemanly husband who is devoted to work and likes to spend leisurely time with her dogs on holidays.


“This tie can be felt first thing in the morning.”


Mayu was thinking of presenting kenta to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary. I wonder if kenta who has a unique commitment to the taste and sense of clothes will be pleased. Mayu thought it would be nice to have something left in shape. It is said that it fell in love at first sight seeing the tie “the earth” of altile that the gradation of blue which imagined the earth of the ruri color catches the eye.

“What a beautiful and shiny tie! A bright and beautiful colored tie that is not in the closet… the present is decided by this♪” Kenta who does not wear a tie every day. It was a special day to meet important business partners. KENTA wore her first black suit and altile tie “the earth.”

‘My neck is tight and my feelings seem to tighten,’ and i said that the final check of the grooming in front of the mirror at the entrance. “Relax and do your best,” mayu says. Kenta’s back figure with a pin and a straight back was seen off while thinking reliable.


“This tie was the first thing i’ve ever been praised by my clients.”


Kenta who came home reported to MAYU happily at the opening. When I saw KENTA with a smile and a good mood, Mayu was relieved that the interview had gone well, and at the same time, he smiled involuntarily. It’s so nice to be rewarded with what you’ve given! “I want to travel for the 10th anniversary of my marriage. Which tie would you like to give on the next anniversary? Mayu is excited as soon as possible.

Nothing, the gift severs, doesn’t have to be used all the time. I feel that it is very beautiful for a woman who can give a gift of care that does not become a burden on the other party’s heart.

“Gifts don’t have to be always worn”


From all the employees of Denya Co., Ltd.
I am very happy that the bond between husband and wife seems to have deepened through the chest tie. Listening to these episodes is more encouraging than the craftsmanship.
Once again, thank you very much for your purchase.

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