The true story of a man and a very special gift.

episode1 初めてアルタイルのネクタイをもらった男性に起きた喜び

We received a thank you report from a customer who purchased one of our ties in February of 2020, and she has been so kind as to let us share it with you. Allow us to present the heartwarming story of Kenta and Mayu.

Kenta and Mayu have been married for 10 years. Mayu is a color therapist, a loving wife, and an excellent cook. Kenta has worked as a legal professionial for a long time, and is a kind, well-mannered gentleman who enjoys relaxing with his dogs on his days off.


“A tie that can lift your spirits first thing in the morning.”


Their big 10 year wedding anniversary was coming up, and Mayu was at her wits end trying to find a gift for Kenta, who is as kind as he is difficult to shop for when it comes to clothes and his particular fashion taste. Mayu wanted to give him something really special, something that that could remind him of all the time they’d spent together for years to come. Then, she saw it. She was in love all over again- “the earth”, the gradiants of natural blue hues, the first time Kenta held her hand. It all came rushing back. She had found it.

“What a beautiful, shiny tie! The bright colors glimmered, too special a thing to be placed in the back of a closet. No, this was no ordinary tie. Kenta looked forward to having it strike out from one of his many clean, sleek black suits.

“You look great, and you’ll do great.” Mayu did a final check over Kenta in front of the mirror. Kenta felt relaxed, and what’s more, confident. He stood tall, straight and ready for his big meeting.


“This tie was the first thing I got complimented on by a client of mine.”


Kenta came home with a big, handsome grin. Mayu already knew that he had nailed the meeting. “Let’s go on a trip!” he said, wrapping his arms around her as they kissed. Mayu was delighted – it’s exactly what she wanted to hear.

Gifts aren’t always necessary, but affection and trust are at the heart of any real lasting relationship. A thoughtful gift can speak volumes, a form of physical poetry.

“Some gifts are more special than others. Altair is that next level.”


From all of us at Denka Co., to you and that special someone.
I am truly glad to hear our customers comments and messages. To know that my craftmanship can strengthen their bonds warms my heart and encourages me to keep making these pieces of art.
Once again, thank you for your support.

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